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Film nr: 618

Bijdrager: Redactie EiB
Jaar: 1920

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Eindhoven door Haghe-film-fabriek 1920

Beschrijving Documentary about the city of Eindhoven. The film shows the most striking buildings, streets, squares, and rivers of the city of Eindhoven. The intertitles give their location. The film opens with the arrival of a train at the station. The following shots include e.g. the city hall, the St. Catherine Church, and the Stratumse Dijk. The filmmaker also aims his camera at the inhabitants of the city; we see for example women doing laundry in the Dommel. Atop the water tower, he gives a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Mullens, Willy (director) / Haghe Film (producer)
1 januari 1920
Geplaatst op 22-04-2016